February 16, 2022

How to Get Legally Married in Texas

I’m excited to capture your upcoming wedding, but first and foremost, have you applied for a marriage license? I’m here to assist our lovely couples in planning their wedding as their professional photographer and videographer, so here is my first guide and advice for obtaining a marriage license and marrying lawfully in the great state of Texas.

When organizing a wedding, the marriage license is the most critical document to have on hand. In any case, why do you require a piece of paper in the first place? There are numerous benefits to getting married that you and your partner should consider. To be legally married will allow you to make a long-term commitment, which is quite valuable. Aside from the legal advantages, it will also aid you in defining your relationship.

To legally get married in Texas, it is necessary to submit the required paperwork to the appropriate government agencies. The engaged couple must first visit the County Clerk’s office in their respective counties. It is important to remember that a couple must wait 72 hours before attending their wedding ceremony. On the other hand, this waiting period may waive in certain conditions. Finally, remember that getting married in Texas differs in some states, so it is essential to do your research before visiting the office or applying online. 

Marriage License Requirements,  Waived and Married!

A couple must submit the basic requirements for the general information. But first, they must be of the legal age of 18. It is a must that the couple appears in person. Next, the pair must submit a valid identification with a photo and ensure the name indicated is the correct spelling. Some of the proper identification that the couple may present are Driver’s license, State ID, Passport, Military ID, and must know their Social Security Number. 

For couples who can’t wait the three-day waiting period, this part is for you! The waiting period is possible to waive in three different forms. First, you can present valid military identification if you are actively or even in contract military services in the USA. The couple must submit the waiver to the individual who will be executing the ceremony.

As a second thing, if the couple took a Premarital Education Course (Twogether in Texas program), a copy of this certificate must be given to the person who will be performing your wedding ceremony and when you apply for a marriage license. Lastly, couples can also waive the waiting time by signing a 72-hour waiver with a district judge. Individuals who have a judge’s written waiver must submit the signed waiver to the person performing the ceremony. 

In some situations, if the couple can’t come in person at the County Clerk’s Office, one can apply. They must obtain and complete the form – an Affidavit of Absent. Don’t forget to give your proof of identification to your spouse because it is required to submit the form with your valid ID. 

Reminder: Online application for marriage in Texas is possible. The couple may fill out the form. However, the couples still need to appear personally at the County Clerks’ office to sign and pay for the marriage license. 

The marriage license in Texas is only valid for 90 days. Thus, the couple must make their vows within three months of receiving them. Also, within 30 days after your wedding ceremony, you must return it to the County Clerk’s office. First, ensure that the marriage license is signed by the person who performed the ceremony. Then, when the Clerk’s office receives your original license, it will be ready to be returned to you.

Because the fee for a marriage license varies by county in Texas, it is critical that you first contact your County Clerk’s office. Marriage license fees range between $67 and $81. If you complete and pass the Twogether in Texas program, the cost will decrease. You must have a legitimate Texas residence; failing to do so will result in a $100 fee.

If You’ve Been Married Before, Here’s the Rule!

Take note of this rule if you have been previously married. After signing the divorce decree, the parties are not immediately free to marry another person. According to the Texas Family Code, neither spouse in a divorce can marry a third party until 31 days after the divorce decree is signed.

So, between the time a divorce is finalized, and a new marriage license will release in Texas, a 30-day waiting period is applied. If you or your partner are divorced and completed recently (standard of 30 days), the couple must produce a copy of the divorce decree waiving the waiting period.

What Is Necessary to Understand?

A marriage license is a legal document that certifies that you and your partner are legally permitted to marry. Additionally, it serves as official certification from the authorities that you do not possess any criteria that would prevent you from entering into a legal marriage.

And so, legally marrying in Texas requires a thorough understanding of the Texas Family Code, which every engaged couple should do. It covers all legal facets of marriage and family. Particular couples may become confused during the procedure due to the presence of legal exceptions to several of the Texas Family Code’s regulations. Understanding the purpose of marriage and family with the family code regulations is essential to building a new relationship level. The county protects that aspect, so the couple must obtain legal documents and procedures. 

Last Words

There you have it! I hope these articles provide essential information for all our soon-to-be-married couples. I understand how it feels to prepare for a wedding. There’s tons of paperwork, documents, and meetings. Always make sure that you have a clear vision of your wedding. You should create a timeline leading to your wedding day. If you haven’t done that yet, send over an inquiry on my contact form, and let’s work on it together. 

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