March 14, 2022

The First 12 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged

You and your partner’s new story appears to begin with your engagement and continue endlessly together. It is one of those incredible days that you will remember for the rest of your life. But, in as much as you are happy and excited about your engagement, there are specific vital tasks that you must complete first.

I’ve photographed numerous engaged couples, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them during a season when they’re both sincerely in love and excited about the future together. As your trusted photographer, I’m sharing practical advice with our lovely couple on how to handle the engagement firsthand leading to their big day!

1. Budget matters; discuss how to deal with it.

There is a need to set up a financial plan. First, you and your fiance should talk about how much money you can afford to spend on your wedding day. Some couples would also set up a savings account to save for their wedding. Deposit a set amount into it every paycheck that you will use just for wedding-related expenses and nothing else. Remember that even a small ceremony has a financial cost. 

2. Make a guest list, starting with the most important.

Choosing whom to invite to your wedding might be difficult. At first, several individuals may come to mind. Apart from that, there is the challenge of asking whomever your parents wish. Therefore, before writing down the number of guests, ensure that you have discussed this matter with both parents. Then, nicely, let them know your ideas of numbers in inviting of guests. Remember that your original guest list is not usually the final one.

3. Decide on a wedding date/season to help with the theme.

It is critical to consider and confirm the wedding day and season. It will benefit you in deciding on a wedding theme. But most significantly, if you’ve decided on a wedding date during peak season, you must be aware that you must reserve the venue in advance. Additionally, the most popular wedding dates and locations book up quickly. And so it’s a good idea to start planning immediately. Determine what works best for both of your families and whether any possible conflicts exist.

4. Get Organized, create your checklist and timeline

A wedding checklist and timetable are excellent planning tools. After settling on a wedding date, it’s time to begin planning, organizing, and creating a list and timetable to avoid experiencing excessive wedding preparation stress. Your venue, wedding dress, floral, theme, invitations, and many more are the things that you need to ensure are listed on your wedding checklist and timeline. In addition, many resources are available to get some ideas like the Pinterest board, Instagram, and wedding events. Lastly, you can also ask me! Yes, I can provide you with ideas on keeping it simple but organized. 

5. Book photographer/videographer; they’re in high demand.

Every wedding necessitates the services of a wedding photographer and some with a videographer. It is commonly next after you confirm the wedding date and venue. However, not many people would know photographers or videographers are mainly booked a year in advance because they are in high demand for almost all occasions. Therefore, finding a wedding photographer (hey! that’s me!) and taking engagement photos are essential things you should do shortly after the engagement. Additionally, an engagement session can provide the couple with professional experience preparing for the big day. Apart from the formal wedding photographs, it’s important to remember this moment in time with you two in a more natural state. So, don’t forget to book your engagement session. 

6. Choose a suitable bridal party and invite them to join your VIP team right away.

Remember, the bridal party you choose has profoundly influenced your wedding day. And so, I encourage that you carefully select whom you invite, communicate openly with them, and, if possible, include family members. Also, make sure your Maid of Honor or  Matron of Honor and Best Man are all responsible people. Invite them to be part of the VIP crew that will help you plan and achieve success for the wedding. 

Tips: Don’t forget to provide tiny presents for your bridal party, if you can. They’ll absolutely love it!

7. Book other vendors; the majority are also in high demand. 

There will undoubtedly be stressful moments, and even a simple and small wedding will require the services of some crucial vendors for the wedding day to succeed. Therefore, it’s critical to think about and choose the right vendors to be a part of your wedding team. Here are some essential vendors that might need to hire. 

  • If you haven’t already done so, hire a wedding planner.
  • If your venue does not provide in-house meals, hire a caterer.
  • Florist 
  • Officiant
  • Baker for your Wedding Cakes
  • Band/DJ 
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Transportation Services

8. Go dress shopping and find your perfect bridal outfit.

Finding your bridal outfit can be challenging, and choosing a wedding gown is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, it might be intimidating with many dresses to pick from, so some pointers need to be familiar. When it comes to visiting with a possible boutique, having a solid idea of the wedding style you want helps a lot. So, make sure you bring some of your favorite Instagram and Pinterest bridal dresses photos to find and communicate with your prospect tailoring shop easily. 

Tips: First, make a reasonable budget. It’s also crucial to imagine how you want to feel in your clothing. Then, when choosing the perfect one, ensure that you have an open mindset to accommodate any options. Lastly, make sure you can move around comfortably in the ideal gown you’re interested in purchasing.

9. Consider the Day-of  Wedding Coordinator; they are the key to achieving perfection.

A wedding day coordinator, also known as a day of coordinator, is someone who assists wedding couples on the day of their wedding in a variety of different ways. By enlisting the help of a day-of coordinator, you may reduce a great deal of the stress that comes with the wedding planning process. Couples getting married should be able to relax and enjoy their special day without anxiety about the details of their wedding on the big day. However, if you want your wedding day to succeed, you must rely on them.

10. Pick Save the Dates and Invitations; your wedding is almost here!

The couple needs to work together and develop ideas for things like Save the dates and wedding invitations. Couples who choose and pick up their save the dates and wedding invitations can spend more time together to avoid some stress due to the preparations. Further, it would help if you started planning your wedding stationery as soon as you know your wedding style and have found a venue for your big day. Save the date cards are commonly sent out four to six months before a wedding. Followed by the formal wedding invitation and RSVP should receive no later than one month before the party. 

Tips: You can follow your wedding website if you want to have it; it’s a trend today!

11. Shop for Wedding Bands, the eternal symbol of love.

Following the delivery of Save the Date cards, you can now shop online or in person at your preferred jewelry store for your wedding bands. You should purchase your wedding band from a reliable jewelry retailer. To begin, research the wedding bands that you and your fiancée prefer. Then, visit a few stores to determine whether the rings are a good fit for you. Remember that your wedding band may have some or all of your partner’s band characteristics, a practice known as matching wedding bands. Finally, remember to savor the moments spent shopping for the perfect rings and take your time. And, keep a journal and capture images along the way!

12. Make It Legal

Finally, but certainly not least, make it legal! Marriage documents are required to conduct a wedding lawfully. Therefore, the couple must know the requirements and procedure of getting a marriage license. In addition, it is ideal to know when is the right time to file for a permit because marriage licenses are often only valid for a couple of months. Finally, verify that all essential documents are correct and organized. Keep track of submission dates or deadlines.

Last Words

While being engaged is a beautiful feeling, a wedding is associated with obligations and actions that must take, from conceptual planning through wedding planning itself. It all requires effort, energy, and a sense of excitement for the relationship’s next stage. In addition, as a couple, you must communicate well and be on the same page as you plan your wedding. Therefore, communication is another critical component of a good marriage.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what to do after becoming engaged and which ones you’ve already checked. So please leave a comment on this blog, and let’s connect on Social Media!

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